Milestar Tires launches off-road novelty


During the large exhibition SEMA Show 2018, the American company Milestar Tires presented its next novelty to the public. The off-road tire is called Milestar Patagonia X / T, it is designed to equip various light trucks and is suitable for extreme driving on a variety of types of coatings.

More about the new model

The novelty belongs to the Patagonia family and is characterized by extremely high passability. About this feature, the model is symbolized by the letters X / T in the name (Xtreme all-terrain).

For the stability of the car on blurry soil as well as on rocky or sandy terrain, the manufacturer provided this off-road tire with a rather aggressive tread pattern. The pronounced off-road properties of the Milestar Patagonia X / T tire are characteristic of models marked with the letters M / T (mud passability). However, unlike exclusively mud tires, the novelty will provide comfortable movement both on impassable roads and on public roads. That is, these are truly all-terrain tires.

Key advantages of the model:

By reinforcing the sidewalls, the manufacturer was able to provide the tire with extra strength and protected it from damage during impacts;
the tread pattern received a unique arrangement of blocks. Their sequence has been optimized to reduce noise during the ride;
checkers in the central zone have walls with a stepped structure. Thus, the stability and controllability indicators are increased;
special protrusions are placed in the drainage channels, pushing the stones that have fallen inside. As a result, the tire case is reliably protected from destruction upon contact with sharp stones and other objects.

An important characteristic of the new tire was the increased carrying capacity. Therefore, the model can be installed on pickups weighing a ton or three quarters of a ton.

The manufacturer noted that the release of this tire is part of the company's strategy to meet the growing demand in the light truck market.

It is expected that the tires will go to stores in an assortment of five popular sizes with 18-20 inch bore holes. Later, the size range will expand to 20 dimensions, so that it is easier for owners of modern pickups and SUVs to pick up “shoes” for their vehicle. Read also milestar tires review now to know more about this.

About the manufacturer

The Milestar brand is the main trademark of Tireco, founded in 1972 in the United States. This is a family business that sells tires under various private brands. Interestingly, Tireko became the exclusive representative of Nankang and Westlake in America.

In addition, the company represents the brands Milestar, Freestar, Geostar, Geotrac, Nanco and Tracgard.

Milestar is considered the flagship brand of the company, it was first introduced in 2011 and is now actively promoted in the markets of various countries.